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Given the opportunity to express emotional content creatively and safely , the ED can be understood through a different lens, and can be expressed and processed. There is a great deal of focus on perfectionism in our culture, and that can manifest as eating and body image issues. The expressive arts provide a model for judgement-free, authentic creative experiences.

What constitutes a binge?

The process, as well as the product are valued in expressive arts experiences. Engaging in this process can help one to experience some freedom from perfectionism , and the possibility of applying that experience to other parts of life.

At the heart of expressive arts therapy are creative freedom and psychological safety. Providing a safe space for clients to explore their pain is paramount and is a core value of our curriculum at NWCEAI.

The Creator in You: Art Therapy and Eating Disorders – Jessie's Legacy

In relation to ED, this is incredibly important. Prevalence of mental disorders and psychosocial impairments in adolescents and young adults. Psychological Medicine, 28 1 , Email Address required Enter your email to receive our newsletters. Sign Up For Our Newsletter.

Kidsburgh: Art Therapy Helping Young People Deal With Eating Disorders

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The use of art therapy can help focus therapeutic work on relevant issues and aids in focusing on strengths and positive qualities because art touches on universal healing themes. Art more easily allows the practitioner to see beyond the symptoms and negative self-presentations of eating disordered patients. Art therapy bypasses language-based defenses to reveal inner truths.

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  • Persons who experience art therapy are less likely to verbally censor, argue, or confuse themselves, and are more likely to be open to the surprising image answers pulled by the art from deep within them. This provides insight into their subconscious issues related to the eating disorder.

    By Shannon Bradley, ATR-BC, LCAT | January 1, 2014

    It is the process not the he product that is emphasized in art therapy. The desire to be perfect that is typical of the eating disorder patient population is removed, and the creative process is freeing the patient from the inner critic during the session. Because the art therapy process identifies underlying issues, insight is provided to the patient that can be further examined with the patient and psychotherapist.

    This also applies to family art therapy where many of the family issues are exposed and can help with the healing for everyone in the family.