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Lean In for Graduates

Covey, as he built an empire around 's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People the book that coined the phrase "win-win" , earned a fraction of the blowback that's been directed at Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Even before the publication of Lean In , which famously urged women to combat sexism at work and to "lean in" to their careers, Sandberg was accused of being "elitist," "antifeminist," "out of touch," "self-interested," "calculating," and, yes, "bossy.

I like to think this new book represents coming full circle for Sandberg, whose impassioned commencement speech at Barnard College is often cited as the beginning of her second career…as a feminist. But even if she were simply out to make a buck a cynical theory I just don't buy, and anyway, Sandberg is already a billionaire , she is saying what needs to be said.

In short: that the wage gap begins early, and women just entering the job market need advice on how to navigate the gender politics of corporate America. According to the American Association of University Women, female college grads earned 82 percent of what their male peers did just one year out of college. Consider that two thirds of lifetime wage growth occurs in the first decade of your career, and Sandberg's exhortations to young, smart women just entering the workforce seem all the more necessary.

Who knew?

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I certainly didn't, though I would have been the last person to buy Lean In For Graduates when I got out of college in As the product of a working mom whose own mother worked , an egalitarian father, and 12 years at a cerebral all-girls school in Manhattan, I was woefully naive as I entered the workforce. For women like me, in our twenties and thirties and who'd benefited from elite educations, feminism was an anachronism; we were post- all of that. Except that as Sandberg, 44, knew, we weren't. And when she gave the graduation speech that lead to Lean In etc. Even if the new chapters in Lean In For Graduates are slapped onto the back of the original text in a covering-the-bases fashion, Sandberg has taken the opportunity to right some of the wrongs of the first edition.

To combat charges that she engaged in victim-blaming, Sandberg commissioned McKinsey consultant Kunal Modi to address millennial men. Consider team-building exercises other than paintball and poker night, he counsels.

Lean In for Graduates - National Library Board Singapore - OverDrive

Adding a man to the mix is fine, but I wonder how many millennial men will pick up a copy of either Lean In. It has to be the millennial men coming into the work force. A bunch of the surveys show that millennial men are much more interested in work-life balance, much more interested in having lives that are meaningful. The real question is, is that going to translate into doing more diapers, doing the laundry?

Because that's what this takes. AP: We have to ask: There have been rumours about your interest in political office in California.

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Where do you stand? Sandberg: I'm not running for office. Listen, I love Facebook.

Lean In Book Trailer

I really do. I love tech.

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I love how we connect people. And I love Lean In! I've met with circles all over the world. I have no plans to give this up. AP: Let's talk about the word "bossy. Some people have raised objections, saying that "bossy" isn't necessarily a damaging word, or on the other hand that "bossy" behaviour is not necessarily to be encouraged.

Sandberg: The goal of Ban Bossy is to make people aware of how deeply entrenched our stereotypes are about women in leadership. It's a program with the Girl Scouts, designed to address a problem, which is that by middle school, more boys than girls want to lead, and that continues into adulthood. My daughter has been called bossy. Lots of little girls are. My son has never been called bossy. And those patterns continue. Listen, I always say: Next time you're about to call a little girl bossy, say instead that that she has executive leadership skills.

Everyone laughs. But then I say, think about saying that a boy has executive leadership skills. Nobody laughs. It's not funny! What that points out is how different our expectations are about boys and girls. So the debate about "bossy" is fantastic, because every single person who talks about it starts out by acknowledging that we have different expectations for leadership in girls and boys — which is exactly what the point was. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements.

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Lean In for Graduates

AP: The original book resonated so strongly. Why the need for a new edition? AP: What about male graduates? Are they thinking about supporting women?