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The Birth of the Global Leadership Initiative. About the Author. Generon International. Two Stories. The old analytical approaches are not sufficiently flexible and creative. To be able to cope with this kind of change leaders need to be able to access the Source from which truly profound innovation flows.

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Many people have experienced a connection with this Source, often when called upon to respond in times of crisis—moments of extreme spontaneity and intuitive insight. You gain the capacity to bring forth new realities, which is what the best leadership does. When connected to this source leaders gain radically new ways of operating.

Using the combination of narrative and reflection that made Synchronicity so compelling, Jaworski has written a book that illuminates not only the fundamental nature of visionary leadership but also of relationships, consciousness, and ultimately reality itself. Praise for Source"Source is one of the most compelling and original books on leadership I have read. Not only does it deepen our understanding of leadership, it brings us closer to a fuller understanding of our authentic self, the source of effective leadership.

Jaworski takes us on a personal journey to the source of creation.

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Profound and inspiring. Brian Arthur, economist and author of The Nature of Technology"Source is an impressive account of Jaworski's lifelong quest into the underlying realities of life. It provides in a convincing way and at the right time the kind of insights we need to shape our future.

This book is a must-read for everyone who aspires to a leading role in creating the next stage of human civilization. But which 'facts' do you see and how do thoughts become new 'ahas'? Source helps you to understand this process, bringing what you 'feel somewhere or vaguely' to a new level. So it's sustainable energy for your brain! Source is a well-written story of the extraordinary people he has met and the fascinating discoveries he has made along the way. Like Minds.


Different Paths. Click here to refresh the feed. Greg Myeroff spent 20 years using his intuition in corporate sales, winning awards for his achievements. He subsequently has spent the last 20 years showing clients how to succeed at work and at home using their own intuition. In his Great Life Empowerment Program he intuitively reads your energy, works with you to clear out blocks, and establishes alignment and flow in your system so you can focus and create what you want.

This flow brings about synchronicities that make your life easier and more fun!

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Greg is an internationally known intuitive coach, award-winning author, and engaging speaker. He is a clinical hypnotherapist, animal communicator, and a communicator with loved ones on the Other Side. He applies energy feng shui to create the environment you desire and sell your home or business. His sessions are available by phone.

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  8. Greg is the cofounder of Go Intuition, Inc. For more about Greg visit GoIntuition. James Williford, was born in Stuttgart, Germany, as a military dependent. He is the fourth of five children. When he was young, he did not realize that he was mildly dyslexic. James did know that he was a slow reader compared to his peers and older siblings.

    While he enjoyed the literary arts when listening, this reading problem facilitated his direction towards basic science and playing musical instruments mostly by ear. Also, he had little interest in psychology until his first manic episode.

    What began as introducing people to cutting-edge virtual reality and artificial intelligence has evolved into awakening people to their multi-dimensional natures. She has seeded eco-communities in the USA and India, instilling her expertise in permaculture and community governance, and continues her consulting with intentional communities today. His Breast Cancer Dreams Research Project began during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October , and he has been collecting stories about warning dream of other types of cancer since the paper came out.

    She spent 21 years at MasterCard after beginning her career at American Express. She continues to speak on inspirational topics related to spirituality and bereavement and has begun work on a screenplay inspired by the book.

    ISBN 13: 9781576759042

    Sherrie Dillard is an Internationally renowned psychic, medium and medical intuitive, Sherrie Dillard is the expert at helping others to develop and understand their intuitive and spiritual gifts. She has given over 50, readings worldwide and has been featured on radio and television for her innovative books and her work as a psychic detective, medical intuitive and medium. The author of the best-selling Discover Your Psychic Type, You are a Medium, Sacred Signs and Symbols , and four other books which have been translated into eight languages.

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